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Welcome to the registration page for tenders in the Mercell Source-to-Contractplatform..

You probably accessed this page from a link on a website where tenders are published (eg Tenderned or TED).

 You can see this registration page as a 'front portal' of the tender in which you are interested.



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You accessed this page without logging into our platform (with a username and password).

If you intend to actually participate in this tender on behalf of your organization, you must register. You do this by entering your e-mail address in the 'Sign up' section.


NOTE: Use the e-mail address with which you will log in and work on the tender.

By registering, you start the procedure to log in to the Mercell Source-to-Contract platform with the entered email address for this tender. After entering your e-mail address you will automatically receive an e-mail with further instructions on how to log in. It is important to follow the instructions in this email.

If you have previously registered for our platform with the e-mail address entered, you can log in directly after registration and following the e-mail instruction. If this is the first time you register with this e-mail address, you will first be asked to register your e-mail address.



In the 'Documents' section of this page you will find the tender documents that the contracting authority has made available in the 'preliminary portal'. Partly on the basis of these documents, you can determine whether you wish to register for the tender. Click on the name of a document to open it. Click on the 'Start page' button to return to the start page after opening the relevant document.


NOTE: The 'Documents' section may be empty. The contracting authority has then chosen not to make any of the tender documents visible in the front portal. You must then register and log in to take note of the tender documents. You can then decide whether or not to submit a registration. Logging in does not require anything further.